Double Blowjob at the Gloryhole: Gloryhole Hustlers


Enter the gloryhole.  A small enclosed booth with enough room for you and yourself to sit down enjoy a quick porn flick after a long day of work.  You pay your fee, unbuckle your belt and then….  You freeze solid,  (no not your dick!)…  You just noticed the perfectly oval shaped hole in the wall and don’t know whether or not you should continue de-robeing or slowly re-buckle your belt and leave and exit.  That’s when you realize you’ve found a gloryhole.  Curiously, you peek through hole to see whats on the other side.  To your amazement, you see two gorgeous brunettes waiting to share the glory of your cock.

Meet Vanessa and Savannah; Two cock hungry babes that don’t mind sharing tight spaces.   What you had thought was a was enough room for you and handy, turns out to be enough room for some serious double blowjob action.   Obviously these girls were in a hurry to begin with the blowjobs, because the scene starts right before Vanessa raps her tight lips around the first cock.  Savannah eagerly plays with her pussy while she waits, then when its her turn, she swoops in for some double blowjob action.

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