Gloryhole Paige Visits Gloryhole Swallow.


Everyone meet Gloryhole Paige. First name Gloryhole, Last Name Paige.  In a perfect world, this kind of name would be completely acceptable. Especially for a girl like this.  Everything about her spells awesome.  She is kinky, funny, hot and always so god damn horny when she visits the gloryhole.  I think Dave should just go ahead and make her the Mascot of his site. Even if you remove rainbow hair coloring and the over dramatic body / facial piercings, you’re still left with one of the hottest and most sexually talented amateur babes to ever enter a gloryhole.

Did I mention she is always horny?  Being that she’s a regular at the gloryhole, Gloryhole Paige doesnt waste time on the pre-gloryhole inteviews that Dave likes to do. She has no need for warm ups. Nope, Gloryhole Paige always dives straight in with her mouth wide open. This time around, she even lets a lucky dude put it in her ass!

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