Nikki’s 2nd Round of Gloryhole Blowjobs

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Nikki is back again for another round of gloryhole blowjobs. This time, Dave sweetens the deal and takes Nikki toy shopping before bringing her to the hole.  After some extensive debate with the shop owner on 3-4 different types of toys, Nikki goes with the smallest of the bunch to keep it discreet.

After selecting and buying her toy, Nikki enters the gloryhole and puts her new toy to use while waiting for her first cock to pop through the hole.  As soon as it did, she gladly put her toy aside and began sucking.  One thing about Nikki is that when she starts, she has a hard time stopping.  It seems that with ever cock she sucked, she’d just get hornier and hornier.  Nikki proceeded to deep-throat, jerk and swallow about 3 loads of cum before she went back to her new toy and made herself cum.  Nikki is a pro at the hole, plenty of deep-throating and hands free action to go around.

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