Faith In The Gloryhole

Faith Sucks a cock through the gloryhole

Sometimes it pays to have faith in the gloryhole. No, I’m not talking about the religious kind of faith. I’m talking about the tight, petite and sexual ball of lust, known as Faith.

After watching the interview, I didn’t even have to see Faith in the gloryhole to know that we were in for a treat. Faith is a Freak. She loves sex, loves to give head, but best of all, she knows how to take control and be controlled. Before her encounter at Gloryhole Swallow, Faith had never even heard of a gloryhole, let alone seen one. The minute she was enlightened to what a gloryhole was, she knew she had to find one and try it. The very thought of sucking off random strangers through a hole in the wall gets her wet.

Faith is expert at giving blowjobs, but it doesn’t take many mouthfuls of cum to get her excited. After sucking off a few guys through the glory hole, She decides to join one of the strangers in his booth. Faith hops on his cock and rides for a while then allows him to fuck her roughly from behind. This girl just keeps getting hornier and hornier with every cock she gets. She doesn’t stop till there is nothing left to suck or fuck. With a total of 11 total cumshots, I’m sure this won’t be the last time we get to see Faith in the gloryhole.

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