Paige Returns to the Gloryhole


Everyone’s favorite Gloryhole Slut is back! Proxy Paige returns to the Gloryhole for another round of slutty cock sucking action. Paige hasn’t been around in but that didn’t stop her from being super excited to come back. Paige heard about the Porn Theater that Gloryhole Swallow has been taping in as of late and couldn’t wait to see it for herself.

Generally when the girls are asked if they like to suck cock, they usually reply with a simple “yes” or “Yes absolutely”. While I think that most of the girls that have visited Gloryhole Swallow love to suck cock and have sex, I think there is always a little room for doubt in the viewers mind. That’s where Paige stands out, and one of the major reason everyone loves to see her sucking cocks at the gloryhole. When Paige Says, “Yes” or “Yes Absolutely”, She means it. Paige is as slutty as they come. With every cock that enters her throat you can tell she just can’t get enough.

Right when Dave met up with her, Paige showed her interest in going into the Porn Theater. After sucking off a few guys in the gloryhole booth, she quickly makes her way down to the theater, where about half a dozen hard cocks are waiting for her. She proceeds to suck and fuck every last one of them off and then moves back to the gloryhole, where she continues to fuck/suck and stroke off any cock dare appear in the hole.

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