Faith In The Gloryhole

Faith Sucks a cock through the gloryhole

Sometimes it pays to have faith in the gloryhole. No, I’m not talking about the religious kind of faith. I’m talking about the tight, petite and sexual ball of lust, known as Faith.

After watching the interview, I didn’t even have to see Faith in the gloryhole to know that we were in for a treat. Faith is a Freak. She loves sex, loves to give head, but best of all, she knows how to take control and be controlled. Before her encounter at Gloryhole Swallow, Faith had never even heard of a gloryhole, let alone seen one. The minute she was enlightened to what a gloryhole was, she knew she had to find one and try it. The very thought of sucking off random strangers through a hole in the wall gets her wet.

Faith is expert at giving blowjobs, but it doesn’t take many mouthfuls of cum to get her excited. After sucking off a few guys through the glory hole, She decides to join one of the strangers in his booth. Faith hops on his cock and rides for a while then allows him to fuck her roughly from behind. This girl just keeps getting hornier and hornier with every cock she gets. She doesn’t stop till there is nothing left to suck or fuck. With a total of 11 total cumshots, I’m sure this won’t be the last time we get to see Faith in the gloryhole.

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Skylar’s Porn Theater Blow Bang

skylar gets blow banged at glory hole swallow

Anyone could have guessed that Skylar’s visit to the local porn theater would end up in a full on porn theater blow bang, but no one knew that skylar would do such a good job deep-throating and swallowing every last drip of cum. I’m sure Skylar knew it, but when a girl as hot as her enters a porn theater, you never know quite what is going to happen.

After entering the dimmly lit porn theater, it didn’t take long for Skylar to relax and start playing with her pussy. Ever since she was a kid, Skylar has been a fan of porn and loves to masturbate to it as well. She massages her clit until she cums and then invites all the men in the theater over for some blow bang action. This chick wastes no time when warming up her throat. She slowly works the shaft a few times, then immediately starts deep-throating ever cock in site. After swallowing 3-4 cocks in the theater, She decides it’s time to check out the Glory Hole where she continues her deep-throating escapade until ever cock has been milked dry.

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Aimee’s First Trip to The Gloryhole

It’s not very often that you get a girl like Aimee into the Gloryhole. Down to earth, steaming with confidence and a body that any man would drool for… Did I say body? I really meant to say tits, because good lord this brunette babe has got a huge rack. Aimee is the type of babe you would normally see getting pounded by some random Joe with a huge cock in some random “Big Tit” themed porno. Luckily for us, today marks Aimee’s first trip to the Gloryhole!

Clearly, you can tell Aimee loves to suck cock and swallow cum. I don’t think I even need to mention that, but something about this girl screams “fuck me”. I bet she would be one hell of a lay. Whatever the case I think it’s only a matter of time. Even though Aimee didn’t get fucked during her first trip, I know she will be back for more.

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Summer Gets Gangbanged

Summer uses a vibrator at glory hole swallow

Break out your towels, beach balls and sunscreen. Summer is definitely in the forecast for today. That is if you are going outside… But if you’re not one to mingle in the sun, no problem. Sometimes it gets even hotter inside. Especially when you bring Summer with you for a Gangbang.

Doing a gangbang inside a gloryhole booth isn’t exactly an easy task. Most of the time, there is hardly enough room for the chick, let alone Dave and his Camera. How in the hell was he suppose to do a gangbang in a gloryhole booth? The only problem was location. You can’t fit a bunch of dudes with a horny amateur blonde in a tiny gloryhole booth, but you can fit all of them and more inside a porn theater!

The last few times Summer visited the Gloryhole She told Dave about her secret Gangbang fantasy. What better way to make her fantasy come true, then to bring summer to a adult book store that’s fully equipped with a theater! This scene cuts the tape for a new adventure at gloryhole swallow. This is the first time Gloryhole Swallow has done a scene in a porn theater and I sure hope it’s not the last. Just shy of 60 minutes in length, there is fucking and sucking action to keep anyone busy till the next updater. After Summer gets gangbaned in the theater for about about 50 minutes, they keep it legit by venturing over to a near by gloryhole to complete the scene.

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Stephani’s Secret: Gloryhole Secrets


Well, I never thought that I’d say this. But it looks like Gloryhole Swallow finally has some competition.

Today I treated myself to a membership to Needless to say, I was quite surprised. At first, I was kinda unsure what I was going to find. I’ve seen GloryholeSecrets’s clips on the web here and there, but never thought much of them. That is… Until I saw Stephani work the gloryhole! This girl is a pro!

The scene starts out with Buzz (I’ll shed some light on this dude another day) and Stephani already in dimly lit enclosed room. Right off the bat, Buzz tries to break the ice with all the general questions that everyone is surely dieing to know the answer to!

“How old are you? How big are your breasts? Have you ever done anything like this before? How many cocks have you sucked off in one day?”

After Buzz runs out of interview questions, Stephani wastes no time. She begins stroking and sucking cocks through like there’s no tomorrow. Her pace is perfect, her method is perfect, and my god does she have an apatite for hot loads of cum.This scene has got to be one of my fav gloryhole scenes period. It has everything I look for in a scene and more. Interaction inside the booth, fucking inside the booth, not everyone is hung like a horse etc… It feels legit to me. This is a damn good gloryhole vid. Stephani most certainly has earned the Gloryhole Hustlers Stamp of Approval. I think it’s safe to say we will be seeing more or GloryHoleSwallow in the near future, and if not, at least more of Stephani.

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