Paige Returns to the Gloryhole


Everyone’s favorite Gloryhole Slut is back! Proxy Paige returns to the Gloryhole for another round of slutty cock sucking action. Paige hasn’t been around in but that didn’t stop her from being super excited to come back. Paige heard about the Porn Theater that Gloryhole Swallow has been taping in as of late and couldn’t wait to see it for herself.

Generally when the girls are asked if they like to suck cock, they usually reply with a simple “yes” or “Yes absolutely”. While I think that most of the girls that have visited Gloryhole Swallow love to suck cock and have sex, I think there is always a little room for doubt in the viewers mind. That’s where Paige stands out, and one of the major reason everyone loves to see her sucking cocks at the gloryhole. When Paige Says, “Yes” or “Yes Absolutely”, She means it. Paige is as slutty as they come. With every cock that enters her throat you can tell she just can’t get enough.

Right when Dave met up with her, Paige showed her interest in going into the Porn Theater. After sucking off a few guys in the gloryhole booth, she quickly makes her way down to the theater, where about half a dozen hard cocks are waiting for her. She proceeds to suck and fuck every last one of them off and then moves back to the gloryhole, where she continues to fuck/suck and stroke off any cock dare appear in the hole.

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Summer’s 2nd Gloryhole Swallow Visit


This is Summer’s 2nd Gloryhole Swallow Visit and it definitely deserves a preview. You may have seen Summer get gangbanged in a porn theater in one of our previous posts, but that’s not the only time she’s made the trip to Gloryhole Swallow. Summer has made a total of 5 trips to the gloryhole and with a girl as horny as she is, it’s clear to see why she keeps coming back.

Don’t let Summer’s shy girl attitude fool you, when it comes to cock, she is anything but shy. Summer loves visiting Gloryhole Swallow, and her boyfriend loves it even more. He gets off on this shit and loves to watch her suck stroke and even fuck cocks through the gloryhole. Summer’s boyfriend isn’t the only one that loved to see her in the gloryhole. Apparently she has ran into people that saw her first update and called her out on it! I suppose going to the gloryhole makes for some funny stories. Anyways, during Summer’s 2nd Gloryhole Swallow Visit, she sucks and fucks a total of 9 cocks! Hopefully her fans like this update even more than her first.

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The Goddess of the Gloryhole: Gloryhole Swallow

Shelby sucks dick Gloryhole Hustlers

Shelby is no stranger to the gloryhole. In fact,  this is 5th time she has returned to Gloryhole Swallow… That only accounts for the times shes been filmed… Shelby has visited many gloryholes on numerous occasions, even when Dave isn’t around to film her.  She loves them, and I’m sure they equally love her back.  In this update, Shelby aims to break her previous blowjob record of 17.  Think she can do it?  Check out the video and find out for yourself.

Shelby never fails to disappoint  It is not so often that you find a girl that actually enjoys giving blow jobs, let alone in a public place like this.  If you’re lucky enough to catch her on the day’s that she visits, you’re in for one hell of a treat.  She has a huge appetite for cock and never leaves until she has satisfied every single cock in the building.    One thing is certain; Shelby is, was, and always will be… The Gloryhole Goddess.

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Brittany visits Gloryhole Swallow

Brittany sucks a big cock at the gloryhole

You know Dave and his team at Gloryhole Swallow are doing something right when they get a call from a fan that is interested in taking part in the action…  And not one of us over zealous guys wanting to find a legit gloryhole!  A female participant that wants to suck some cock! Its only at Gloryhole Swallow, that a fan can make a call and end up being the star of the next update.  For being a “fan”, this chick is talented. I hope Dave she calls back in the future, just as eager to please as she was during this video!

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Latina Gloryhole – Selena visits Gloryhole Swallow.


Selena makes her first appearance in the and rightful claims the throne to her Latina Gloryhole.  Selena is really a perfect example of why Latina’s have their own genre of porn.  If it’s not their huge tits and sexy curves that get ya, their incredible blowjob skills will!  Selena is no exception,  she completely devourers every cock that appears through gloryhole.

Being naturally talented at sucking cock is one thing, loving to suck cock and swallow cum is a completely different forte.   It is easy to see that Selena genuinely loves every minute shes in the gloryhole.

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