Haley’s first trip to the Gloryhole

Haley's first trip to gloryhole hustlers

Haley’s first trip to the gloryhole is an update that shouldn’t be missed. This 19 year old babe may be short but she’s got a huge appetite for cock! Standing at only 5’1, the only thing that Haley lacks is the ability to reach all the way across the gloryhole. One thing is for sure, She certainly doesn’t lack the ability to give amazing blowjobs.

Normally when a girl starts giving head she works into it slowly. She’ll rub it for a moment, then slowly start to kiss it, then eventually once she feels the cock is ready, she’ll go to town. Haley doesn’t follow these rules of blowjob normality, she puts the petal to the floor and takes the whole thing into her mouth on step 1. You gotta wonder where she learned how to suck like this. Being only 19, you’d think that she would lack the necessary deep throating experience, but the way she sucks, it’s clear that this girl was born a pro.

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The Goddess of the Gloryhole: Gloryhole Swallow

Shelby sucks dick Gloryhole Hustlers

Shelby is no stranger to the gloryhole. In fact,  this is 5th time she has returned to Gloryhole Swallow… That only accounts for the times shes been filmed… Shelby has visited many gloryholes on numerous occasions, even when Dave isn’t around to film her.  She loves them, and I’m sure they equally love her back.  In this update, Shelby aims to break her previous blowjob record of 17.  Think she can do it?  Check out the video and find out for yourself.

Shelby never fails to disappoint  It is not so often that you find a girl that actually enjoys giving blow jobs, let alone in a public place like this.  If you’re lucky enough to catch her on the day’s that she visits, you’re in for one hell of a treat.  She has a huge appetite for cock and never leaves until she has satisfied every single cock in the building.    One thing is certain; Shelby is, was, and always will be… The Gloryhole Goddess.

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Latina Gloryhole – Selena visits Gloryhole Swallow.


Selena makes her first appearance in the and rightful claims the throne to her Latina Gloryhole.  Selena is really a perfect example of why Latina’s have their own genre of porn.  If it’s not their huge tits and sexy curves that get ya, their incredible blowjob skills will!  Selena is no exception,  she completely devourers every cock that appears through gloryhole.

Being naturally talented at sucking cock is one thing, loving to suck cock and swallow cum is a completely different forte.   It is easy to see that Selena genuinely loves every minute shes in the gloryhole.

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Stephani’s Craziest Sexual Experience


Most of the time when a girl goes to the gloryhole for the first time,  she’s about to have the craziest sexual experience she’s ever had! craziest  Not in Stephani’s case.  Stephani is a self labeled submissive, who has been in some really kinky situations.  So for Stephani, sucking a few cocks in a gloryhole is not that big of deal… Or is it?

Strangely enough, As soon as she entered the small 4×6 video booth, she started to get nervous (which is completely understandable for a first timer). Stephani’s nervousness quickly got the best of her and she almost got up and left. Good thing Dave was listening during the interview.  After a tiny bit of persuasion and reassurance,  she decided to give it a try…And OMG! After her first taste of cum, it was like she put in a new pair of batteries! She just kept getting hornier and hornier!

This is a older update from Gloryhole Swallow. I must have been on the happy bus when this update came out, because I completely missed it…  Oh well! It’s new to me, and I love digging up awesome treasure.  The full video is 45:00 Min long, and it there is approximately 70 High Resolution pictures.  There is tons of gloryhole fucking in this update, as well as, some awesome blow job action. It’s defiantly an update that I’m found.

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