Free GloryHole Swallow Membership

Like Gloryhole Porn? Keep reading.

So a free GloryHole Swallow Membership sounds to good to be true right? If you like gloryhole porn as much as we do here at GloryHole Hustlers, then it sure as hell does. But We’re not kidding! We are giving away a 2 month – no strings attached, free membership to our friend’s site over at GloryHole Swallow.

Nope. This isn’t some kind of fucked up scam or attempt collect your data and and sell it, or spam the fuck out of your e-mail addresses. No my porn loving friends, this is a legit giveaway to show appreciation to our fans and to any fan of porn (especially gloryhole porn).

The Catch:

GloryHole Hustlers just launched its very own Twitter account!

*crickets chirp*..

Yesss, I know its 2015 and Twitter has been around for nearly 10 years, but we are looking to expand our social boundaries, meet some new people and make some new friends. That’s why we need your help and follows so we don’t look like a bunch of industry noobs! Right now on Twitter we have like 7 followers and we would like to see that number rise as fast as it can. If you can fill out the forum below, click the follow button on our twitter page, and share this page on twitter, you can have a chance to win a 1 month Free Gloryhole Swallow Membership.

How to Enter:

  1. Enter your e-mail address in the appropriate text box on the giveaway form.
  2. Click the Twitter “Follow GH_Hustlers” Button then enter your twitter handle in the text box below.
  3. After completing steps 1-2, Participants are credited with 1 entry.
  4. For 2 additional bonus entries, Participants may tweet about the giveaway using the pre-formatted tweet found in the bonus section.

How to Win:

  • The winner will be chosen using Promosimple’s random selection process.
  • The Free Gloryhole Swallow Membership giveaway will start at 6:00 PM CST on 6/20/2015.
  • The winner of the giveaway will be chosen at 6:00 PM CST on 7/4/2015, or once approximately 70 entries have been reached.
  • In the event that 70 entries have been reached before the end time/date of 6:00 PM CST on 7/4/2015, Gloryhole Hustlers will announce the end of the giveaway via Twitter. 1 hour from the time of the announcement, the giveaway will end and a winner will be chosen.

Giveaway Rules and Regulations

  • In order to partake in the giveaway and in order to be eligible to win the free gloryhole swallow membership, you must be 18 years of age and/or the legal age to view adult content/pornography in your community. No exceptions. If you are found to be under the legal age to watch pornography, your entries will be revoked from the giveaway.
  • Your e-mail address must be valid as it will be used to contact you in the event that you are the winner. Your e-mail address will not be traded, sold, or given away to any third party. We will never send you an e-mail, unless you win the giveaway.
  • You must be actively following GH_Hustlers on Twitter to be eligible to win.
  • If you use the bonus tweet options for an additional 2 entries into the giveaway, the tweet must remain publicly visible until the giveaway is finished.
  • No Participant may exceed 3 entries into the giveaway.
  • The Membership will be active through 8/20/2015
  • reserves the right to change the giveaway rules, regulations and giveaway stipulations at any time.