Natalie’s First Trip to The Gloryhole


When visiting the gloryhole for the first time, girls have the tendency be a bit shy and sexually reserved. Especially the younger girls. But what inexperience and age don’t tell you, is that having a horny friend along for the ride, can easily break the nerves that many girls bring with them when entering the gloryhole booth for the first time. Although Natalie would have done just fine by her self, she brought along her slutty little friend Michelle to help her stroke, fuck and suck as many cocks as they can.

When making plans for Natalie’s first trip to the gloryhole, Michelle was not yet in the picture. When Dave arrived at their agreed upon meeting location, he was pleasantly greeted by not only 1, but 2 young amateur brunette babes. When Michelle (Natalie best friend and fuck buddy) found out that her friend was going to the gloryhole, she demanded to come along for the fun. After the girls answer a few questions, Dave takes them into the gloryhole booth to see what they are made of.

Both girls are obviously horny from the get go as they start shedding clothes after sucking off only 1 cock. After sucking 2 or 3 more cocks the inevitable happens, the fuck buddies fuck. Both girls got so horny sucking off random dudes, that the booth quickly erupts into some full blown, girl on girl action. After both of them cum, they continue stroking, sucking and fucking every cock that pokes through the hole.

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Payton and Shelby Share the Gloryhole


Payton and Shelby share the gloryhole for the first time during Payton’s 2nd visit to Gloryhole Hustlers. Both of these slutty babes have become Poster Girls for Gloryhole Swallow and when watching updates like this, it’s clear to see why. While Shelby always has a massive appetite for cum, Payton may have outdone in this scene. You know a girl loves to suck cock when she starts bringing drinking accessories with her to the gloryhole.

Not even 2 minutes in, a cock breaks up the interview and grabs Payton’s full attention. This slutty blonde clearly wasn’t interested in answering anymore questions as the second she lays eyes on the cock she begins sucking it. After taking her first few loads of cum in traditional fashion, Payton whips out a surprise shot glass and starts pounding come like it’s vodka.

It’s not during every trip to the gloryhole that you get a girl that comes as prepared as Payton. After downing multiple shots of cum, Payton lets one lucky stranger fuck her through the hole. Then all of a sudden about half way into the scene, a familiar face makes an appearance. Shelby must live somewhere in the building, because any time there is something hot going on in the gloryhole booth, Shelly is not far away. Payton and Shelby share the gloryhole and finish off the remaining cocks.

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Alice in Gloryholeland


I’m sure everyone is familiar with the dreamy fantasy novel Alice in Wonderland, but what if at the ripe age of 21 Alice decided to take a trip to Gloryholeland? Hahaha. Lend my your imagination and Alice in Gloryholeland will become a reality. After all, strange things do occur from time to time at the Gloryhole. Gloryholeland can’t be that much different from the dreamy world we know as wonderland can it?

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that, We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad,” said the Cock.
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be, or you wouldn’t have cum here,” said the Cock.

Alice knows deep down that she is absolutely mad. Mad about cock, mad about blowjobs, mad about fucking and best of all, mad about gloryholes. Its safe to say that Alice bat shit crazy. She doesn’t even do the regular interview that occurs before each gloryhole session begins, the video rolls and she starts sucking. It is only after swallowing her first load of mad cum that she takes a second to answer a few questions.

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Alyx’s First Visit to Glory Hole Swallow


Alyx’s first visit to gloryhole swallow may come as a surprise. You wouldn’t expect a chick like Alyx to ever set foot in a gloryhole let alone suck cock in one. Everything about her screams cute, sweet, and innocent. But as we know, gloryholes always bring out the best in girls and Alyx is no exception.

A little nervous at first (yeah right..) It doesn’t take long before Alyx fully lets lose, exposing the naughty little slut that she is. She sucks a few cocks off then decides its time to fuck! Clearly she loves challenges, because she picks the biggest cock in the building to let lose on. She fucks the huge cock for nearly 10 minutes before swallowing all it’s come down, then moves on to the next stranger. Even though it’s only Alyx’s first visit to the gloryhole, I think we’ve seen enough of this naughty little slut to know that she will be back for more.

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Faith In The Gloryhole

Faith Sucks a cock through the gloryhole

Sometimes it pays to have faith in the gloryhole. No, I’m not talking about the religious kind of faith. I’m talking about the tight, petite and sexual ball of lust, known as Faith.

After watching the interview, I didn’t even have to see Faith in the gloryhole to know that we were in for a treat. Faith is a Freak. She loves sex, loves to give head, but best of all, she knows how to take control and be controlled. Before her encounter at Gloryhole Swallow, Faith had never even heard of a gloryhole, let alone seen one. The minute she was enlightened to what a gloryhole was, she knew she had to find one and try it. The very thought of sucking off random strangers through a hole in the wall gets her wet.

Faith is expert at giving blowjobs, but it doesn’t take many mouthfuls of cum to get her excited. After sucking off a few guys through the glory hole, She decides to join one of the strangers in his booth. Faith hops on his cock and rides for a while then allows him to fuck her roughly from behind. This girl just keeps getting hornier and hornier with every cock she gets. She doesn’t stop till there is nothing left to suck or fuck. With a total of 11 total cumshots, I’m sure this won’t be the last time we get to see Faith in the gloryhole.

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