Kate’s First Visit to Gloryhole Swallow


Kate’s First Visit to Gloryhole Swallow has something for everyone to enjoy. This sexy blonde slut has the look and skills to make any cock stand at attention.

Until watching Kate in action, I was under the impression that she was just the typical blonde MILF. What her Sexy outfit, smokin hot body, and simple attitude failed to tell me was that she is a huge slut and loves to get down right naughty. Kate sucks off the first couple guys and then lets one of the guys finger fuck her until squirting all over the booth! After making a mess of the glory hole Kate continues to deep throat every cock in site, all the while swallowing each and every drop of cum. Finally after sucking cock after cock, her hornyness reaches an unbearable level. Kate invites one of the strangers into the booth with her and fucks his brains out. Sometimes newcomers have a bit of stage fright when entering the gloryhole for the first time. This couldn’t be further from the truth with Kate’s first visit to Gloryhole Swallow. 10 out of 10 would fuck again!

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Valerie B’s First Gloryhole – Gloryhole Swallow


Valerie is exactly what every random stranger loves to see on the other side of the wall when jumping into the booth at Gloryhole Swallow. In fact this babe is so hot, many of the strangers opted to leave their side of the hole and join her inside her booth to get their cocks sucked! Fuck, I would do the same thing if I peeped through the whole to discover a girl as hot as Valerie. This girl has looks, skills and a sexy little attitude to boot.

Some girls prefer to stay on their side of the wall the entire time they are in the gloryhole. Knowing that it’s just a random cock must offer some kind of comfort to them. But what some girls find comforting, Valerie does not. After taking one glimpse of a cock worth enough to fuck her, she breaks down the barrier and heads over to the neighboring booth to suck and fuck one of the strangers.

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