Payton and Shelby Share the Gloryhole


Payton and Shelby share the gloryhole for the first time during Payton’s 2nd visit to Gloryhole Hustlers. Both of these slutty babes have become Poster Girls for Gloryhole Swallow and when watching updates like this, it’s clear to see why. While Shelby always has a massive appetite for cum, Payton may have outdone in this scene. You know a girl loves to suck cock when she starts bringing drinking accessories with her to the gloryhole.

Not even 2 minutes in, a cock breaks up the interview and grabs Payton’s full attention. This slutty blonde clearly wasn’t interested in answering anymore questions as the second she lays eyes on the cock she begins sucking it. After taking her first few loads of cum in traditional fashion, Payton whips out a surprise shot glass and starts pounding come like it’s vodka.

It’s not during every trip to the gloryhole that you get a girl that comes as prepared as Payton. After downing multiple shots of cum, Payton lets one lucky stranger fuck her through the hole. Then all of a sudden about half way into the scene, a familiar face makes an appearance. Shelby must live somewhere in the building, because any time there is something hot going on in the gloryhole booth, Shelly is not far away. Payton and Shelby share the gloryhole and finish off the remaining cocks.

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The Goddess of the Gloryhole: Gloryhole Swallow

Shelby sucks dick Gloryhole Hustlers

Shelby is no stranger to the gloryhole. In fact,  this is 5th time she has returned to Gloryhole Swallow… That only accounts for the times shes been filmed… Shelby has visited many gloryholes on numerous occasions, even when Dave isn’t around to film her.  She loves them, and I’m sure they equally love her back.  In this update, Shelby aims to break her previous blowjob record of 17.  Think she can do it?  Check out the video and find out for yourself.

Shelby never fails to disappoint  It is not so often that you find a girl that actually enjoys giving blow jobs, let alone in a public place like this.  If you’re lucky enough to catch her on the day’s that she visits, you’re in for one hell of a treat.  She has a huge appetite for cock and never leaves until she has satisfied every single cock in the building.    One thing is certain; Shelby is, was, and always will be… The Gloryhole Goddess.

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Gloryhole Hustlers Rose and Shelby


These two hotties play well together and like good friends, they always share. But lets not kid ourselves; shit always gets a little crazier when you add another hungry cock sucker into the mix. Rose and Shelby warm up with some friendly girl/girl action before adding multiple hard cocks into the mix.  Then it’s off to the races, as both girls take part in some serious gloryhole cock sucking.

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Maryjane and Shelby – Double Gloryhole

Maryjane and shelby - glory hole hustlers - double blowjob

Just when you thought there wasn’t enough room for another slut in the gloryhole booth, Maryjane and Shelby join forces along prove otherwise. Being a regular to the gloryhole, Shelby is always looking for ways to spice up the fun. This time she joins Maryjane during her first Trip to the gloryhole.  Teamwork is a beautiful thing, especially when it comes in the forum of blowjobs.

The scene starts off with just Dave (The Camera Man) and Maryjane on there way to the Gloryhole. Shelby doesn’t show up till later, but rest assured, where there is a gloryhole, Shelby is guaranteed to be close by.. Being that Maryjane is new comer to the gloryhole, She’s a little nervous, but all that changes the second she gets the taste of her first cock. After warming up with a few hot loads of cum, Maryjane allows one of the strangers on the other side of the wall to fuck her

Imagine being that lucky bastard. You stick your dick in the hole, all the while praying that it doesn’t get cut off, and some smokin hot brunette happily greets it with her lips. Then she gets you nice and hard, pushes her ass up to the wall, and lets you fuck her…. I’d be singing Happy Days for weeks… It can’t get much better for our lucky friend. That is unless YET ANOTER smokin hot brunette babe randomly showed up, ready to suck.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Shelby appears and joins the fun. Maryjane quickly warms up to Shelby and allows her to play with her pussy while she continues working the gloryhole. After rubbing her pussy until she orgasms, Shelby and Maryjane team up and suck off the rest of the strangers in the building. Leaving no cock unfinished and no load un-swallowed, Maryjane and Shelby capture some the best double gloryhole action that has ever been recorded.

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Shelby Caldera Swallows Cum – Gloryhole Hustlers

Shelby Caldera is one smoking hot slut.  This chick loves gloryholes so much she visits them in her spare time! Shelby is one of the regular girls at Gloryhole Hustlers. With many solo appearances and multiple duo appearances with our other girls, she clearly loves to give blowjobs. In this update, Shelby Caldera Visits a gloryhole in an adult store with 1 goal in mind, sucking off as many cocks as fast as she can!

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