Melissa Sucks Them All!

Not only is this Melissa’s first visit to the Gloryhole, it’s first time she ever used a vibrator to masturbate!  Talk about letting loose! But you know what they say,

 "Blondes are wild. Brunettes give good head. But you'll never have better than a redhead in bed."

...Or at least in a gloryhole!

For being only 19 years old, this sexy amateur teen has a huge appetite for cum. After buying her first vibrator and putting it to use, She gets busy sucking off all the cocks as they poke through the hole. After successfully giving a few blowjobs,  Some lucky fuckin dude straps on a condom and fucks her through the gloryhole..  This is by far one of my favorite updates from Gloryhole Swallow.  I look forward to many more updates featuring Melissa in the future.


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