Lola's 1st Gloryhole Swallow Appearance

Lola Gloryhole Swallow Lola's 1st Gloryhole Appearance certainly came pleasant surprise to me. When I first starting flipping through the pictures of this update I thought, “Meh, she’s kinda hot." "This might be a good scene.” But God Damn I was wrong! This first time gloryhole slut is beyond hot… She’s fucking sizzling. What the pictures failed to tell me, is that this girl is a freak for blowjobs. Every cock she sucks makes her all the more horny. Lola_gloryholeswallow3   Lola_gloryholeswallow2 Lola_gloryholeswallow4 Lola_gloryholeswallow6 Lola_gloryholeswallow5 Lola_gloryholeswallow7 Lola_gloryholeswallow8 Lola_gloryholeswallow9 Lola_gloryholeswallow10 Lola_gloryholeswallow12 Lola_gloryholeswallow11 Lola_gloryholeswallow13 Fuck! This girl knows how to work a cock.  The more cock she gets, the wilder she becomes. I have no doubt in my mind that Lola will be back for round 2, very soon.

Gloryhole Swallow (formerly known as Gloryhole Hustlers) features REAL amateur babes that love to stoke and suck anonymous cocks through a gloryhole. Dave (Onwer and Content Producer) has a natural talent for finding the hottest amateurs in his area and convincing them to take a trip to the gloryhole. Not only are most of girls gloryhole virgins, most of them are regular every day chicks that have never done any kind of adult video before in their life! If you like hours upon hours of videos and would love to see live streaming of the action, look no further! Every Saturday, Dave live streams the action live from the gloryhole. Best yet, if you happen to be in the area, Dave allows all his members to take part in the action!